Getting Started With Addiction Treatment

Our Admissions Process

Beginning addiction treatment doesn’t need to be challenging. Our admissions team streamlines the process, ensuring quick and hassle-free access to the treatment you deserve.

Make the Call

Our team of admissions coordinators is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to discuss your situation and address any concerns you may have. You’ll answer a series of pre-screening questions to determine your eligibility. After a few minutes of evaluating your needs, a team member will help you determine if our California rehab center is right for you.


Verify Your Insurance

The next step is to verify your insurance. Treatment here is in-network with many major health insurance providers, so your care may be fully or partially covered. Our team will collect your insurance information, verify your coverage, and help you understand the estimated costs of care. If you don’t have insurance, we can explore alternative payment options.


Arrive for Intake

After verifying your coverage, we’ll schedule an intake appointment. Our team can help you coordinate travel plans, if necessary, to ensure you arrive at our facility on time. Upon arrival, you’ll complete intake, which involves signing forms consenting to treatment, a personal items and luggage search, and a drug test.


Comprehensive Assessment

Treatment is most effective when it is designed to address your unique needs, beliefs, and circumstances. That’s why our admissions process concludes with a comprehensive, in-depth assessment of your physical, mental, emotional, and social health. Based on the information gathered, our expert clinical team will develop a customized treatment plan just for you.

Getting Ready for Rehab

How to Prepare

Before making the initial phone call, it’s helpful if you’re prepared. Some items you may need during the admissions process include:

  • Insurance information
  • Healthcare referral forms
  • Photo ID
  • Medical records
  • A list of prescription medications
  • A credit card or other form of payment
  • Other important documents such as worker’s comp forms or parole/probationary documents

Each of these items should also come with you to our rehab facility. Be sure to pack them because you may need them again later in the treatment process

What to Bring

Packing for Inpatient Rehab

Here are some suggestions on what to bring while packing, as well as prohibited items, to refrain from bringing.

Please Bring:

  • Please pack for a variety of weather options, and activities.
    • Personal clothing (don’t forget undergarments and sweatshirts/jackets)
    • Include exercise clothing and tennis shoes.
    • Include water wear (with appropriate coverage) as we do go to the beach.
  • Personal Hygiene and Beauty products (no glass products allowed)
  • Important documents
    • (driver’s license/passport, or other government ID)
    • Medical health insurance card/information, prescription card
  • All medications, prescriptions, and other medical information such as known allergies
  • Debit or Credit Card for spending on outings
  • Some books, reading material, or journals you can read during your free time.

**Please limit your packing to 1-2 bags as space is limited. Washer and dryer are available for your convenience.

The Following Items are Prohibited Items. Please DO NOT pack them as you will not be allowed to have them during your stay.

  • Clothing that has logos, or has explicit, gang, or drug-related material on them.
  • Revealing Clothing such as spaghetti strap tops, halter tops, backless or low-cut clothing, short shorts/skirts, or other revealing items. No thong swimsuits or speedos allowed.
  • Open packs of cigarettes, vapes, or vape products. Clients can purchase cigarettes and disposable vape products once at the facility, or bring brand-new, sealed products only and open them in the presence of staff. *PLEASE NOTE: California no longer sells Menthol cigarettes- if this is your flavor, consider bringing your own brand-new pack/case to have while here.
  • Stuffed animals.
  • Alcohol-based products including mouthwash or hand sanitizers.
  • Straight-edge razors, safety pins, or other sharps. 
  • ANY item in a glass bottle

Download a copy of this packing list.

Your Recovery Begins Here

If you or a loved one are ready to take the first step of recovery, please contact Invigorate Behavioral Health today to discuss your treatment options.

Find Addiction Help 24 Hours a Day

If you or a loved one are ready to take the first step of recovery, please contact Invigirate Health to discuss your treatment options.

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We Accept Most Major Insurance Plans

Treatment here is covered by insurance. Speak with an admissions coordinator now to verify your insurance coverage.