Understanding Insurance Coverage and How to Find an In-Network Rehab

Drug and alcohol addiction is a complex condition that affects every part of a person’s life. People living with addiction require comprehensive treatment and continuing support to recover.

Many barriers can keep people from seeking addiction treatment when they need it. The cost of rehab can intimidate people and prevent them from getting help. However, insurance typically covers some or all costs associated with addiction recovery.

This article will explore using insurance to pay for rehab. You will learn:

  • What services insurance plans cover
  • How to find an in-network rehab
  • How to verify your insurance
  • Where to find comprehensive addiction treatment and support

Addiction can harm your mental and physical well-being. Contact the specialists at Invigorate Behavioral Health now to learn about our personalized treatment programs. We can also verify your insurance or schedule an intake assessment.

Does Insurance Cover Drug Rehab?

Addiction can cost you more than just money. In addition to the cost of buying drugs and alcohol, living with addiction can be expensive in other ways. They include:

  • Lack of income after a job loss
  • Lost opportunities for advancement
  • Legal fees
  • Medical expenses

While the cost of living with addiction is high, many people worry about how they will pay for addiction treatment. This can keep people from getting help, even when the consequences of their addiction are severe.

However, in most cases, insurance covers some or all of the cost of addiction rehab. The Affordable Care Act of 2010 prohibits insurance companies from denying coverage for mental health and addiction treatment.[1] This means that if you have insurance, it will likely cover the cost of rehab.

However, insurance plans vary. The services your plan covers may be different than what another plan covers. This can be true, even within the same insurance company. It is crucial to verify the details of your specific plan before starting treatment.

Finding in-network providers, programs, and facilities can also ensure the highest insurance coverage rate.

What is In-Network Insurance Coverage?

Finding in-network providers and programs typically results in the highest level of insurance coverage. But what does it mean when a specialist or program is “in-network”?

When a provider is “in-network” with an insurance company, the provider has agreed to provide services at a lower rate. Patients with a specific insurance company can get lower rates for services by choosing in-network providers. Selecting an in-network drug rehab can reduce out-of-pocket costs.

Patients who choose “out-of-network” providers may pay higher out-of-pocket costs. This means that the rate of insurance coverage will be lower for the treatment they receive. The patient will have to pay for the difference.

It is essential to consider the total treatment cost and the percentage of services your insurance will cover. Before beginning treatment, you must verify the details of your specific plans. This can help you avoid surprise expenses down the road.

What Treatment Services Does Insurance Cover?

Insurance typically covers many costs associated with addiction recovery and treatment for mental health conditions. Insurance covers all levels of care, including:

Insurance covers services provided in residential treatment centers, outpatient treatment facilities, and medical settings. It may cover the medications you need during every stage of recovery and long-term support services.

The type of treatment you require depends on several factors, including:

  • The severity of your addiction
  • Your general health
  • Co-occurring mental health disorders
  • History of substance use disorder treatment

Coverage for addiction treatment varies depending on your specific plan. It is crucial to verify the details of your plan before starting treatment.

How to Verify Your Insurance and Find In-Network Drug Rehab

Exploring the details of your specific insurance plan before beginning treatment is important. There are several ways to verify the details of your insurance plan and find in-network rehab centers. You may:

  • Locate information about your plan and find details about in-network rehab programs on your insurance company’s website
  • Call the number on the back of your insurance card and speak to an insurance representative about covered services and providers
  • Get help from the insurance specialists at Invigorate Behavioral Health

Many rehab facilities have dedicated staff who will navigate your insurance plan and find the highest rates of coverage. The insurance specialists can find the services and programs your plan covers and help you explore additional payment methods if needed.

Verify Your Insurance Now

If you or someone you love are one of the millions of people in the United States living with addiction, effective treatment is available at Invigorate Behavioral Health. Contact our intake specialists to verify your insurance, determine which level of care is right for you, or schedule an intake evaluation.


  1. American Medical Association (AMA): Understanding the Affordable Care Act

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